Wine made with love in South of France

The Cote des Roses Spirit

amour cote des roses gerard bertrand
Wines to
Identify each
moment of love.
gérard bertrand cote des roses fleurs
Cote des Roses
embraces the universal symbol of love,
Pure and passionate of the rose
even to the shape of the bottle.
Declare your love
by offering this gift
to the ones you love.
gérard bertrand cote des roses picnic
Plus qu’un vin, un souvenir unique
qui transforme chaque instant romantique
en une expérience inoubliable.
gérard bertrand cote des roses fleurs
There is no love
without proof of love.
This singular moment
Out of Time,
when a rose blooms 
and frees the unique perfume
of passion.
gérard bertrand cote des roses mariage rosé
Cote des Roses embodies this state of mind.
Like the rose, our wines, 
red, rosé and white, symbolize love passion.
Cote des Roses is the unique link 
between love and French elegance. 
It's a blossoming of fruity flavors and complex, 
a fragrance who intoxicates you with freshness 
and passion in a unique bottle in the shape of a rose, 
an unforgettable experience. 
With Cote des Roses, 
live intensely new moments of love..